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The high-tech Aerospace District
Regione Lazio
Technological District

The high-tech Aerospace District




The implementation of specific projects/actions in the Lazio Region aerospace sector aimed at sustaining and stimulating:

  • activities of research and development
  • small, medium and large enterprises' rate of innovation
  • development of human capital
  • networks between Firms, Industrial Associations, Universities and Research Centers




  An agreement between the Lazio Region, the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and the Italian Ministry of Education, University & Research (MIUR) for the creation of a high-tech aerospace district in the Lazio Region.

Partners and Site
  The Lazio Region Department of Economic Planning is the  coordinating structure of the district, supported by FILAS, the regional financial development investment agency.
The aerospace district involves 200 enterprise, with 30.000 employees, for a total revenue of over 5 billions euros per year. In addition to the industrial world, the district aggregates the technical/scientific system: more than 1.000 researchers and experts involved in research activities and over 2.000 specialists working in the industrial firms of the region.    

Identified Areas
The available resources have been deployed to a number of projects/actions

1) Research projects for small, medium and large enterprises
2) Training and professional formation
3) Technology transfer towards SMEs
4) Creation of technical/scientific infrastructures
5) Support to innovative projects from SMEs
6) Support to the creation of start ups
7) Stimulation of public and private funds, venture capital
8) Participation to relevant international projects

Target And Perspective
in the Mid-Long Term



The implementation of the described projects/actions has the aim to reduce the main problems  of the aerospace sector:

  • lack of synergy among different players
  • need to create national, European and global aggregations in order participate in relevant projects
  • need to have strong investment capacity in order to compete in the sector

The public investment of 60 million € for the period 2004-2008 is expected to generate a global public/private investment of 132 million € though the co-financing mechanism

Requests and Envisage
of Possible Investiments



Company: a lazial SME, located in Rome, focused on the business of developing technologically advanced systems
- multi-satellite and multi-sensorial ground stations for the acquisition, processing and  analysis of satellite remote images
- Ground station provision for the European satellite Envisat
- Possible applications: oceanography, earth movements, fishing

The Lazio Region "Laboratories for Innovation": technological infrastructures, even virtual, dedicated to the development of specific projects in the aerospace sector. The laboratories are realized through the establishment of temporary companies participated by the regional financial development investment agency and the private sector and through the definition of long term collaborations with public research institutions and companies equipped with qualified laboratories




Person responsible for the implementation of the Agreement:
Mrs Rosanna Bellotti, Lazio Region, Director of the Economic Planning

E-Mail: amilani@regione.lazio.it

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